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Did you know that 91% of American adults have at least one cavity? When caught early on, a filling can restore your tooth to its natural strength and appearance. At Nu Dimensions Dental in Union, New Jersey, Joseph Rozehzadeh, DMD and the team regularly use fillings to treat and limit tooth decay. If you’re worried about your risk of a cavity, make an appointment today by calling or clicking the online booking tool.

Fillings Q & A

What is a dental filling?

If your Nu Dimensions Dental provider detects a cavity during your oral exam, the team may recommend a filling. This process involves removing the damaged portion of your tooth and “filling” it to prevent further decay. 

The team also uses fillings to strengthen cracked or broken teeth that have worn down due to teeth grinding or bad habits like fingernail biting. 

Will I know if I need a dental filling?

The only way to determine if you need a filling is to visit Nu Dimensions Dental once every six months for an exam and cleaning. 

During your checkup, your Nu Dimensions Dental provider examines the surface of each tooth with a small mirror, if anything looks abnormal, they can inspect it with special instruments or take a series of oral X-rays.

Are there different types of dental fillings?

The team at Nu Dimensions Dental offers two different types of dental fillings. The type of filling you’ll most benefit from depends on the extent of the damage, whether or not you have allergies, and which tooth requires treatment. Your provider may recommend:

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are made of silver, copper, or tin and are incredibly durable. They’re also cost-effective and less likely to break or fall out. The team at Nu Dimensions Dental generally uses amalgam fillings to treat cavities in molars. Administering amalgam fillings takes only one visit. Amalgam fillings are perfectly safe for anyone six or older.

Composite resins

Composite fillings are the most aesthetically pleasing type of filling because they mimic the color and light-reflecting properties of your teeth. However, composite fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings and aren’t as durable either. Your Nu Dimensions Dental provider may recommend a composite filling to repair a chipped or cracked tooth or to protect exposed tooth roots from gum recession. 

What is the process for getting a filling?

If your Nu Dimensions Dental provider detects one or more cavities, they administer a local anesthetic to numb your teeth and gums. Next, your dentist carefully removes the decay and cleans out the cavity with an antiseptic solution. Finally, your dentist fills the cleaned out cavity with amalgam or composite resin filling. 

Are you concerned that you may have one or even multiple cavities? Don’t wait to seek professional treatment, make an appointment at Nu Dimensions Dental by calling or clicking the online booking tool today.